There are many different ways of receiving better ranking and staying on top of Google organic search results. This article will demonstrate few significant Basic rules of Search Engine Optimization. Here, the unique and accurate page Title, use of “description” meta tags, and navigating your website easier are the three main basic topics to focus on.

Using unique and precise page title

Choosing a special title tag for your website will let both the search engine and also users to have a better understanding of your page. It is important that your title tag contains of particular keywords of your business or page. The main reason why it is important to use a unique title tag is that page title contents are always displayed in search results.

The contents of the title tag usually appear in the first line of the search result, if your document appears in a search result page. The title tag of your landing page could list name of your website or your business, or could even contain your other important information. In this order, both the search engine and also users could recognise that the page is likely to be more relevant to their search.

Use of the “description” meta tag

One of the most important basics of Search Engine Optimization is using a meta tag for each page. Meta tag is a summary of your page or in other words, it is a page’s description that gives a Google and other search engines a summary of what your page is about. A Meta tag could be a sentence or two or might be a small paragraph. Mata tag will be shown after your title tag if your page appears on search engine result.

Some people might ask what would be the advantage or merit points of having a description meta tags on my website? The answer for this question is very simple; Google may use description meta tags for snippet of your page on the search page, and that is why Meta tangs are essential.

Note: It “may” appear in Google’s search result page, if Google chooses to use a relevant section of your page’s visible text, and if it does a good job matching up the search result with a user’s query.


Easy navigation

Navigation is very crucial for search engines in order to help the visitors to find the content that they want in the shortest amount of time possible. In addition, it could help search engines do have a better understanding that what content is important. It is also important to navigate your website base on your homepage. It is very common that most websites start navigating from their home page and lead visitors to the content that they are looking for.

Breadcrumb navigation could ensure more convenience for users. A Breadcrumb is a row of internal links at the top or bottom of the page that lets people to quickly navigate back to a previous section or root page.

Providing an easier and simpler navigation with breadcrumb could help both search engines and visitors to have a quick access to information that what they want.

These three basics of Search Engine Optimization could provide a better understanding of tactics you need to work on in order to bring your page on top of search engines results.