Uniquely define your page’s content

It is crucial that you choose the right title page in order to describe your page content. For example, you can see the content of a web page could be about the food preparation and the title of page does not communicate that effectively. Therefore it is important to avoid:

  • Picking a title page that has no relevance with the content at all
  • Utilizing vague title page and terms such as “test” or “untitled” or “sample page”

Using the best key focused title page, could help both the search engine and the user to quickly become aware of the page content only with a quick glance.

In addition, using specific title tags for each page is highly recommended as it could help the search engine to know how the page is distinct compared to other pages. It is also crucial to not to use a single title page tag, for entire pages of a site, or a large group of pages.

Deciding on a short and informative title is the main key in choosing the right title page, and it could help to show the entire title page in the search engine results page. If the title is too lengthy then a search engine like Google will display only a portion of it. So you always have to remember to avoid using lengthy titles as they will not be helpful for users.

In summary, “page title” is an important aspect of search engine optimization. Using informative and short titles which are also uncommon, will help search engines to provide better search results.

Use of Description – Meta Tag

A description or summary of a web page could create interest and inform a user, once the search result appears on search engine results page. Meta tag will appear as a snippet in a search result page. When it comes to Meta tags, it is crucial to avoid:

  • Using normal descriptions such as “This is my first blog” or “This page is about my activities.”
  • Providing only keywords in the Meta tag
  • Copy and pasting from content of website into the Meta tag
  • Having no relevance between the content of a web page and the Meta tag.

Using different and unique Meta tags for each page will benefits both search engine and users, especially when result appears on a search engine page. It is important to avoid using the same description Meta tag for entire pages of a website. Meta tags should provide a summary of your page to users and search engines, and get people to know what is your page about.